Solid Wood Working

M2S has a range of solutions across all the woodworking processes. We provide classical machines as well as machines equipped with cutting edge technologies with CNC control and programmability.

The process include :

  • Wood drying (or seasoning)
  • Saw Milling
  • Cutting process like cross cutting, ripping
  • Planing & shaping applications like single and multiple side planing, four side moulding, copy shaping etc
  • Joining the wood involving tenoning, mortising, dovetailing, drilling, lamination etc.

The wood saving & optimisation processes inlude :

  • Length optimization
  • Width optimization
  • Finger joining
  • Edge Lamination
Ozen Pro 523
Paul KME3
Fullpower BS-2012NC
Ozen Pro 523
Paul C11
Full[power HLB-700
Ozen Pro 523
Paul M34G
Fullpower HLB-700ENG